Sunday, December 7, 2008

I've been having fun...

how about you? I've been busy with all sorts of things and stuffed up from a cold I think I got in a convo with Maree LOL. She has made me a new holiday themed etsy banner that is just the cutest! I want to keep it up all year round. Go check it out in my etsy shop!

I've also made some new houses that are glittery and pastely. I need to cut some more houses so I can make some ornaments before it is to late. But I'm behind and haven't even gotten my Christmas tree up yet.

I've been in the chat on etsy and found some really cute shops and friends in there. Yesterday we played a game and did a little giveway and I won these cute donut stud earrings from glamasaurus! I'm going to add them to the package I am sending my stepdaughter for Christmas. She's going to love them! glamasaurus is also holding a Big Fat Blog Giveaway so you should definitely run on over there and enter! If you win then you get one of her beautiful custom collage necklaces! Wonder if she makes mushroom collage necklaces?

Im off to catch some snooze! I want to make some soup later. It's been so cold out and some warm yummy soup might be what I need to kick this cold in the butt. tata :)

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Andreanna said...

yay! actually I did make a mushroom collage! It already sold though