Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pre-Weekend Project

For what seems like always everytime I do any kind crafting I always end up on my floor. See:

The main reason I do this is because I don't have enough table space in my craftroom. There are 2 tables in my room one has a sewing machine and sewing stuff on it and the other has my computer on it. But tomorrow all that is going to change! With the help of my husband and my brother we are going to build a large table and some other fun things that I have been wanting and needing. I'm hoping that the end result will not only get me off the floor but make things "look" more organized. Even though I swear everything is so organized it just looks so cluttered. We will be adding the desk, putting in more lighting, and maybe installing some shelves. Though I'm not sure if I want the shelves or not because they may tend to make it look cluttered again. But we will see! I'm so excited!


moline said...

Haha, I had to lauch so hard! I took the pictures of my room and then decided to just dress all my dolls in a fall color theme. Now the whole room is clluttered with clothes and new sewing projects ONLY because I wanted to dress some big headed dolls... I don't know how that happens all the time - it would NEVER happen to DH - he keeps telling me it is the dark side of creative people. They need a mess to set their imagination free - let's believe him!

Cecilia said...

I love seeing other peoples messy craft rooms! Then I know I'm not alone. Looking forward to see the room finished.

Moline- I like the thought that we need a mess to set our imagination free!


memmu said...

But hey, at least you've got a whole ROOM for crafting and you can shut the door if you don't want to see the mess :). I only dream about having a real room just for me... now I'm having a table here and another there, stuff all over the house. Gosh, I quess I need to get myself organized someday too!

And yes, the thought that we need the mess around us to become more creative is somewhat true... :)

Uyek said...

I'm impressed to catch you painting on white carpet!
If I did that the carpet would be a mess.

rita katita said...

That super new machine gives you super ideas! Great!

the LaNd of fOrGoTtEn dReAmS said...

Ok. what is with all of us getting the itch to redo our craft rooms??? lol. OK. you make me feel better.... Yvonnes mess is even organized what's up with that??? however I do think I win the messiest mess award! and girl your brave with that white rug!
Lucky you you have two men to give you a hand! you could at least send me your brother! hahaha!

Babz said...

Yvonne I love what your husband said "They need a mess to set their imagination free" I feel it is so true! haha.

Mervi have you seen those really cool looking craft closets people have done??? They even have tables in them! Check a search on flickr :D Maybe you can get atleast a steady place to craft in ;)

Tracey I swear I was thinking maybe its this weather? You ain't got bitten yet? LOL I will definitely send my brother he needs a job haha.

JoJo Smiley said...

I have learned from past experience, the bigger the table space... the more stuff I buy or swap to fill it and I still craft off of my floor.

But I know you will work it out, you always do.

All the best.

Babz said...

JoJo I think you are reading my mind over here! I thought man I am really going to have a lot of floor space when everything goes in its place now ahhaha!

Emily [Follow The White Rabbit] said...

Your craft room looks so awesome!!! I love seeing creative spaces, they are so alive and exciting! I love the "create" text, so inspiring. You must have lots of fun creating wonderful crafts there. :)

Jaimie said...

I think its called "Organized Chaos"! Its an artist affliction :)