Thursday, October 23, 2008

Site - Seeing

Site seeing is what I call when I start searching for something on Google (ya im a googlewhore) and I end up somewhere totally different then my original search. Then the whole journey starts and I never go back to my original search. You do this right? Here is my site seeing journey this morning:

So I was cruising along in my LexusGoogle images admiring any "miniature crochet apron patterns" that I might find. Until page 6 when I stumbled upon these adorable looking crocheted shoes

I slammed on the brakes and turned right to check out templettes where the banner notes "fun things to download and do". I got really excited looking through all the fun inspiring projects. I took a left to check out this pretty little paper flower tutorial by dozi design

Then I made a u-turn back to templettes and saw this neat looking Hermes Kelly Purse pattern that you can print and make. But I was blocked since I am work. So sad! But templettes says go to the world of Hermès link up top.

So I made another u-turn back to templettes and start cruising again looking for those little Mary Jane crocheted shoes I saw and I end up at sylver designs on etsy. I had to have the pattern so I purchased the Adult Size Mary Janes. My next journey might include the purchase of the steering wheel cozy.

Then it was time to park my LexusGoogle until my next journey. Hope you had fun!


memmu said...

Somehow that sounds so familiar to me... one thing leading to another and at the end you just can't remember what it was that you had in your mind at first. Oh well... it's fun and wonderful to find new things. And there are so many of those, really!!!

Hugs and good night :)!

Denise Leavens said...

I do the EXACT SAME thing (MY ride is a green 1999 VW Jetta.) I've even come across the SAME paper roses site and Hermes purses (I LOVE free, quality templates!)

I really like the "open a new tab" feature on Foxfire, 'cause then when I find all those fascinating side roads, I can just open them in a new tab! Of course I sometimes have some many "side roads" opened, I have to scroll back to the beginning tab to remind me where I was going in the first place.

All I can say is I'm glad I don't drive on the streets this way anymore- my hubby gave me BLINDERS, don't ya know!

Denise Leavens said...

Oh! And the Mary Jane's are ADORABLE!

How miniature do you think ya think you can get them, huh?