Thursday, November 20, 2008

Eye Candy (FAT FREE yup yup)

I have finally finished what was suppose to be a day project! Turned it into a week long one! Im in love with the way they came out and I definitely will be making more since I know how I want them now. Oh and if you didn't figure it out... they are mini elf stockings (or what Rita called them elf socks *hehe*) I used fabric for the base part, chenille fabric for the top. And at the last minute I crocheted a little hanger part instead of ribbon because I forgot my ribbons at home (jackpot LOL), and the pompoms I made using yarn. It's the first time I ever attempted making pompoms and I so want to make more!

Mini Elf Stockings

Now that I am finished with the "elf socks" I want to make me a scarf (or atleast try)! It's going to be in this super super bright turquoise, hot pink, red, and purple. Totally not the colors I would normally wear. But I saw this really beautiful one at the mall last week and I wanted it so bad but it was $50 bucks UGH! The yarn I got is the same colors as the one I wanted I just hope it comes out pretty like the one I saw. So I'm off to have my hour affair with "TOP CHEF" that came on last night and see if this scarf thing is going to work!! Man I love this show! Any one else watching the new season?


Evilpotpourri said...

I was right! lol... They are adorable!

NanaBeast said...

These are FABULOUS!

Isn't is glorious when an idea actually comes out just like our vision, or BETTER?

LAUGH OUT LOUD goodness!