Sunday, November 9, 2008

Moving on to another room.

Since last week was such a hit with my craftroom and it's just the way I wanted it this week I decided to work on our master bedroom. I believe the paint on the walls and trim was the original color from when the house was first built some 10 or something years ago. The color was a dull worn out beige. I've been wanting our bedroom to be bright and fresh so I painted it a light green color with glossy white trim and doors. I'm absolutely in love with the color and I love the way it goes with our dark furniture. I still need to get some stuff made to spiffy it up a bit and put some pictures on the wall. But as of right now it's painted and everything is back in place. I'll post some pics in the next day or two!
This upcoming week I was thinking of tackling our little master bedroom walk-in closet. Since it's something I can hopefully do on my own since my brother and husband might be going out of town. It's seriously the place where all the junk is put and I don't know how we manage to get our clothes out of it. Hmm...maybe that's why all the clothes are put on top of the dresser? But I have a question ... Would you paint the inside of your closet the same color as your bedroom? Or the same color as the other closets? The rest of our house is a sorda beige slash yellow with white trim (same as my craftroom) Any suggestions?

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Wolfmom2ac/Dawn said...

Darling you can paint your closet what ever color you want! My Mom paint her closet palin old white! Yuck! She has a huge huge walk in closet! My Dad sits in the closet to read! That's how big the closet is!
I say got for it! Paint it the same color as your bedroom! Can't wait to see those wnderful pictures!!